Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Women Clothing Secrets For Looking Slimmer

women clothing style

Clothing style for women makes a lot of difference in their looks. Your little concern towards your clothing matters allot. Characteristics such as color, fabric, design and cuts are very important for your slim appearance for example in dark color clothes, women generally appear more slimmer than lighter color clothes, similarly your looks also depends upon many things such as thickness of cloth, its length etc. The cloth you wear around your waist line is a very important factor which affects your looks. Here we mention few tips which make you look slimmer, smart and beautiful:

  1. Don’t wear too loose or too tight fabrics. Loose cloths make you look fatter and larger and too tight cloth makes you feel uneasy, so it is important for you to wear perfect fitting cloths in which you feel easy and comfortable.
  2. Horizontal stripes in the cloths makes you look more slimmer where as vertical stripes or multiple stripes in the can give taller appearance.
  3. Opt for v neck, deep round neck and square neck instead of high round or turtle neck to look slim.
  4. Prefer traditional boot cut style trousers instead of tapered trousers as they make you look bigger and leg shorter.
  5. Wear high heels if you are short and it also make your feet look thinner.
  6. If you are slim, then use wide waisted belts which gives you perfect outlining of the figure.

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