Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bridal And Wedding Sari: True Indian Wedding Dress

indian bridal sariIndia is a very big country where people follow different customs and traditions at its different regions. According to their different customs and rituals, different parts of India have different wedding dresses. One of the most common wedding dresses of India is Indian Bridal Saree or sari. As different parts of India have different customs, the style of wearing bridal dresses such as saree is also different at different places of India.

Indian bridal saree is a type of cloth which is made of different types of fabrics. The most common fabric which is used to make saree is silk. The way of wearing Indian bridal saree is same as simple saree. Women wear saree by wrapping it around the body with the help of pins. While wearing a saree, the most important thing which a woman should kept in mind is its design. The one part of the saree is wrapped around the body while its remaining part is put over the shoulder of the bride. This remaining part is known as “pallu”. Some times this “pallu” is also put over the head, to show respect to elders.

Today bridal saree are available in different variants and styles depending upon the wedding theme. Beautiful embroidery work with the use of sequins, gotta patti, beads and pearls make a saree a true wedding dress.

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  1. hey ...if u don't mind also have a look at kerala style dressing..."white saree that women wears during special occasions....In local languange u call it as 'NERIATHE'