Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bridal Sarees: Traditional Wedding Dress Of India

indian bridal sareesIndia is always famous for its rich cultures and traditions and when it is related to marriage, then you can seen various types of customs, traditions and wedding dresses depending upon the different places in India. Wedding dresses in India may vary from region to region, however Indian bridal sarees is one dress which can be wear through out the India.

These Indian bridal sarees comes in different fabrics, styles and colors. Indian bridal saree is a large stylish cloth of certain length. These sarees are generally worn by women by wrapping it around the body. At the time of wearing designing and styles patterns of sarees are also kept in mind.

Indian sarees are generally worn with the help of pins so that they are properly managed around the body. After wrapping it around the body the remaining portion of wedding saree is put over the shoulder of the bride which is also known as “pallu”.

Different pattern and styles of wedding sarees is totally depends upon the theme of the wedding. These wedding sarees are generally design using pearls, sequins, gotta etc.

Now day’s saree is not only used as a Indian bridal wear as in some part of Rajasthan and Haryana, Lehenga choli is the common outfit for bride.