Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Aquamarine: A Beautiful Stone

AquamarineAquamarine is generally related with pleasure and understanding. It represent as a mark of reliability when given to a new bride. The word aquamarine is derived from Latin words “aqua” means “water” and “mare” means sea. Its meaning is "water of the sea".

The color of this stone is caused by traces of iron that infuse the crystalline structure and is one of the jewels that belong to the beryl mineral group. As this stone is related to sea, people who generally travel through sea generally carried it with themselves as a good luck charm.

Natural Aquamarine is generally found in great quantity that’s why it is much cheaper than its artificial version. Artificial version of Aquamarine is more expensive as it is very difficult to create.

Blue color Aquamarine is more expensive then other color Aquamarine that’s why some times greenish Aquamarine is heated up to 842° F to get its blue shade. Aquamarine is a very strong stone and is mostly used to develop beautiful jewellery.

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