Thursday, April 30, 2009

Printed Saree: Another Stylish Version of Indian Saree

printed sareesPrinted sarees are famous through out the India especially at north-west region of India. Rajasthan and Gujarat are the states that are famous for manufacturing these sarees. These Sarees can be used both as formal and non-formal wear.

These sarees are not only stylish, but also very light to wear. A Printed saree is an unstitched cloth which may vary in size, style, pattern, color etc. In India, saree is a very common wear for women irrespective of cast, religion, and region.

At different region of India, there are different methods of wearing sarees. It is generally worn around the waist above the long skirt type cloth known as petticoat, and the remaining portion of the saree is put over a shoulder.

At many parts of India, women of different age group wear different form or color of saree for example older women generally wears light color sarees whereas younger women generally wear dark color and heavy sarees.

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