Monday, May 4, 2009

Salwar Kameez: Traditional Women Clothing

salwar kameez

Shalwar or salwar kameez is one of the traditional women clothing of South Asia. This dress is primarily worn by women in countries such as India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka whereas in other countries of South Asia such as Pakistan and Afghanistan, salwar kameez is worn by both women and men.

Salwars are loose trousers like pajamas whereas kameez are like loose shirt worn above it. Traditional look of salwar has broader legs from the top and narrow at the bottom. Side seams also known as the chaak are left open lower the waist-line.

Like every thing changes with time, modern salwar kameez also got some changes in design. Now day’s salwar kameez are more fitted as compare to their traditional version. Salwars are knotted around the waist with the help of elastic band and kameez are generally worn over it.

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