Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bridal Lehenga Choli: For An Exclusive Look For The Wedding Day

bridal lehenga choliBridal Dresses are always having a great significance through out the world. And when it comes to India, bridal sarees and lehenga choli are the traditional costumes which mainly wear at this occasion. When compare with rest of the world Indian bridal dresses are more stunning and colorful. Color such as red, pink, orange, maroon are mostly used for making bridal dresses. Especially the red color is very significant and mostly used in all type of Indian bridal dresses.

Lehenga and choli are also made up of different type of fabrics such as silk, cotton, satin, georgette, crepe etc. Indian saree or sari is the only dress which is mostly wear at this occasion, but with the change in time women start wearing lehenga choli also. Lehenga choli equally looks beautiful as Indian bridal sarees. Today bridal lehenga choli are in a great demand and are much liked by women also.

Lehenga choli are also come in various forms and designs which provides lots of options to today’s women. Various famous types of lehenga choli include bridal lehenga choli, designer lehenga choli, traditional lehenga choli, festival lehenga choli, wedding lehenga choli, fish cut lehenga choli, etc.

These lehenga choli are also come in various designs with beautiful embroidery work over them. They are decorated with beautiful things such as beads, stones, patch works, tikkies, gotta, rhine stones etc.

Indian lehenga choli have three main parts, its top part is known as choli where as bottom part is called lehenga. In some part of India, lehenga is also known as ghagra. Third part of this costume is known as dupatta. For different ceremonies different types of lehenga and choli are worn by women.

They are very appearance enhancing and are capable enough to win heart of every woman. Their various shapes and cuts are traditional as well as trendy, which make them easily approachable for simple as well as trendy women both. For weddings also they comes in all silhouettes depending on the choice. This is the reason lehngas have successfully replaced bridal sarees and are leading in Indian bridal dresses.


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  2. Wow,i just love this bridal dress!Because my favourite colour is red :) This lehenga choli is astonishing well made and the colour increases his beauty.You're doing great job with this blog,keep it up!