Saturday, May 23, 2009

Indian Saree: Few Tips To Wear It

Women fashion have been changing over the years, but the one dress which is still famous among women is Indian sarees. In the today era when western costumes have a large impact on the market, saree is one dress which never lost its elegance and attractiveness. At many religious and tradition customs, saree is still worn by women. At various occasions such as wedding, saree is still the tradition costume of a bride.

Indian Sarees reflect the attributes of women such as her style, elegance, wisdom and gracefulness. It not increases the beauty of woman but also enhance her personality and appearance.

It is very important for every woman to wear this dress in a right manner, so that it enhances her look and beauty. Here are some tips on wearing a saree which every woman should follow include:

  • If the woman is slim then she should wear Cotton sari, Tussar silk sari and Tapeta Silk Sari to look gorgeous and attractive.
  • A healthy woman should wear Chignon Sari, Chiffon Sari, Georgette Sari and Maysoor silk saree to look slim.
  • A shorter woman should wear a saree which contain vertical lining with small or no borders, so that she looks smart and tall whereas a longer woman should wear saree with big borders.
  • A woman with fair complexion should wear dark color Saree whereas a woman with dark complexion should wear light color Sari to look beautiful.


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