Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Women Denims: Perfect Option To Wear

Now day’s women denims is very important part of ladies clothing. Every body loves to wear jeans as they are comfortable and can be worn at any time. But the most important task is to purchase right type of jeans. For a woman it is always be a difficult task to select right pair of jeans as some jeans are too tight from waist while some are too loose similarly some jeans are too tight from thighs whereas some are loose.

For thin women, skinny jeans can be a better option to wear as they perfectly draw attention to your womanly curves where as if you are not thin or have waist size more than 32 then avoid these types of jeans as they make you look much more fatty or huge in size. For a slightly fat woman medium rise jeans can be a better option. Medium rise jeans with medium width and straight or slightly boot cut leg provides women slightly longer looks and much thinner appearance.

Women who are in late 30’s and 40’s should prefer denims instead of more seasonal trends as they are more comfortable and gives you a perfectly elegant and stylish looks.


  1. very stylish jeans just adds glamour to your persona.

  2. jeans can be both formal as well as casual , that is the beauty of it.

  3. I love those Jeans! I would wear them

  4. Nothing is better than a great fitting pair of jeans on a woman. Glamor is nice but I'll follow a great pair of jeans anytime. Just my opinion and taste.