Friday, April 10, 2009

Indian Saris (Sarees): Traditional Women Clothing Of Indian Sub Continent

Indian Designer ClothingIndia is always famous for its rich tradition and culture. And one of the most important parts of India’s vast culture is their clothing. In India, you can see that various patters, designs, colors and fabrics are used to develop different types of clothes especially in case of ladies clothing. The most important and traditional women garment in India is their traditional Indian sarees or sari.

The Saree is made up of long single fabric which is around 12 to 30 feet long and around 4 feet wide. There are various different types of sarees which are made up of different fabrics, designs and colors. Sari or Saree is generally worn around the waist with one end at the top of the shoulder. It is generally worn over on a long skirt type cloth (also known as petticoat) with a choli (also known as blouse).

Different fabrics which are generally used to prepare a sari include cotton, silk and other synthetic material. Saree is most traditional dress in Indian subcontinent. Women generally wear this beautiful garment at special occasions as well as their daily wearing cloth.


  1. Women( especially Indian ) looks great in Sari. Very graceful, protecting yet comfy. Plus sari comes in so many designs, colors and borders. BTW, nice photo.

  2. I love seeing women wearing Sari. They are beautiful and very colorful.