Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tips To Wear A Dress At Different Places

Every women dress has its own special way of wearing. Some women dresses are easy to wear while some require some effort. Choose a nice dress for every day but always keep in mind different dresses require different handling. Also keep in mind that appropriate dress should be wear at appropriate place such as you cannot wear long dress at streets and short dress in office.

Tips to wear dress at different places:

1) At office, don’t wear very short dress neither the very long one. Dress that you wear at office should be of middle length. Do minimum makeup and wear less jewellery.

2) For a day out always prefer to wear light and simple dress that should be of middle length.

3) For an evening party, always wear fancy dress with luxurious jewellery and accessories with brighter makeup.

4) For most of the occasion wear a nice dress with high heels with a matching purse and shoes.


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