Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Leather Clothes & Accessories: Important Tips To Remember

Today wearing the leather clothes is a strong style statement. It is one of the effective ways to look fashionable. The important thing that one must know about leather clothes and accessories is that they require extra care to retain their quality and appearance. So it is necessary to keep few important things in your mind before cleaning the leather clothes.

Always use right kind of cleaning material to wash your leather clothes and accessories. If you use cleaning materials that contain harsh solvents such as soap etc. then there may be chances that it can harm your leather clothes permanently. Also avoid direct exposure of your leather clothes to the sun or other sources of heat.

If you got strain over your leather cloth then don’t rub your cloth harshly instead wash it with water and a mild soap. If you get ink strain on your leather clothes then use ink remover quickly and then wash it with water and mild soap. Use soft brush to remove dust and soil over your leather cloth and accessory. Suppose if bubble gum is stick with your cloth then first dry the bubble gum by gently heating it with a hair dryer, then get clean with it white cloth.

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