Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Women Clothing Style: Some Tips To Stay Away From General Fashion Mistakes

The term fashion is always related to beauty and style. But sometimes to look beautiful and stylish, women generally over does it which sometimes makes them feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. Always take fashion in positive sense and not try to copy any other person.

Before to wear any cloth always keep in mind the occasion. Always wear the ladies clothing which suits your style and complexion. Always wear the right size clothes. If you wear small clothes then it doesn’t provide you an attractive look instead it makes your look improper. More loose outfits also give you fatter and shabby look.

Always iron your clothes, before to wear it. It is necessary for your neat and tidy look. Wrinkled clothes generally not appreciated by people. Before to wear clothes, also keep in mind, your age. Write type of dress always provide you an elegance look. More colorful dress does not provide you elegance look other than it make your look stupid and foolish.

Also choose right type of accessories such as jewellery, shoes, hats etc as it enhance you personality and look.

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  1. I think people should always wear what they really suit without following any fashion trendz.
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