Friday, June 26, 2009

Retail Women Clothing Store V/S Wholesale Women Clothing Store

We can classify women clothing stores into two categories, one is wholesale women clothing store and second the retail women clothing store. The works of both the stores are same i.e. to sell women clothes, then the main question arises that what is the difference between wholesale clothing stores and retail clothing stores.

The main difference between these two types of clothing stores include:
  1. Quantity is which they are selling their clothes.
  2. Type of their customers.

When we are talking about first difference then basically it is related to the quantity of selling a product. A women clothing wholesaler sells the product in bulk quantity whereas a women clothing retailer sells the product both in small and large quantity.

When we are talking about second difference then it is related to type of their customers. A retailer is a person who sells its product to the buying market, or to the end consumers. He may sell its product to the single customer or the organizations. Retailer when selling its product includes various other costs such as rent, employees, taxes, loss/breakage, advertising, etc. Retailers purchase their goods either from manufacture or from the wholesaler.

In case of wholesale clothing shop, wholesaler purchase clothes directly from manufacturer and sells its clothes to other business entities such as distributor, retailers, exporters and other small wholesaler. Another role of wholesaler is to supervise the distribution the product across the market. Generally the wholesale clothing business is much more profitable as compare to retail clothing business. This is because a wholesaler usually sells their products on bulk, which in turn leads to much larger profit that a retailer does.

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