Monday, June 8, 2009

Designer Indian Kurtis: A Fashionable Women Clothing

Designer Indian ladies KurtisKurti is another type of fashionable women clothing which has got lot of recognition now a days. It is so famous that you can find it any where in any part of the world. Ladies kurtis is a slip-on garment which can be with or without sleeves and usually of knee-length and belted or non-belted at the waist.

Kurti is primarily originated from Indian sub continent. Now a day’s, kurtis are available in different styles and designs with attractive embroidery work. With the change in time this women clothing has adopt different styles especially those that are inspired from western ethnic wear.

From the past few years, Indian fashion industry gets lot of international exposure, which reflects use of western styles in Indian women clothing. Its best example is that, now women prefer to wear kurti on jeans. There are larger numbers of western variations has introduced in the design of ladies kurtis.

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