Friday, June 19, 2009

Cotton Clothes: Tips To Take Care

Cotton clothes are best suited type of clothes especially for summer season. Cotton clothes always attract the large number of people as they do not feel hot during the summer season. These clothes are also the good absorbent that’s why people prefer to wear in summer. Now day’s most of the designer creates new stylish cotton clothes for women by keeping in mind the temperature.

Now day’s women also prefer designer cotton saree and suits which not only keep them cool but also provide stylish look. Most of the college girls also prefer to wear cotton kurta with jeans and salwar. Cotton clothes are not only stylish but they are easy to handle also.

Some tips which every women should remember while taking care of their cotton clothes include:
  1. Starch your cotton clothes time to time to make them stiff and fluffy.
  2. Prefer to get dry-cleaned your cotton clothes instead of washing them.
  3. Apply “charak” to your cotton clothes to make them crunchy.

Cotton clothes are ethnic clothes which can be worn at both formal and non-formal occasions. Avoid these clothes from direct sunlight and washed them in cold water. You can iron them while these clothes are damp. Dark color cotton clothes need special care.
Starch generally decreases the life of cotton clothes but people even do that to make them crispy.

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  1. Yes, i like these styles. They look so dynamic wear. Ready to move everywhere without leaving style. Success always.