Friday, May 8, 2009

Ladies Clothing Tips: To Make You Look Slimmer and Longer

Every woman wants to look slim, but if you are fat and short in height then in that case you required a perfect ladies clothing style which hides the entire problem related to your body shape. All the women who are short and fat just have to change their clothing style to look smarter. Main motive of all the fat and short women is to look slim and much larger then what they are actually looking and to do this sometimes women have adopt that types of styles which do not suit them.

The common fault generally performed by the women is that they use different types of clothes in wrong way such as women generally wear jackets and belts in wrong extent. Also fat women should also avoid wearing extra clothes around their belly area as it made them looker fatter. Also women with shorter height should also avoid long and larger skirts as they made you look shorter. Only wear skirts which are straight and goes down to your ankle. You can also try straight pants which cover your boots and avoid larger clothes then you size.

Checks and vertical lining in your clothes make you look some longer, but don’t wear those clothes which have multiple vertical lining. One or two lines in a clothe is enough to look good. Also don’t wear more tight clothes to look slimmer as they make you look ugly.

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