Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fashion Trends: Change With Era

women clothing stylesEvery era has its own fashion and clothing styles. Now days there are vast option for children, men and women clothing are available. Today designer also use ideas from these past trends and produce a great mix of styles from past and present era.

These mix trends provides different looks for all, such as street wear look, smart look, retro look and vintage hosiery look for ladies. The main key of success of today’s fashion industry is there creativity of combining different combinations as possible. T-shirts and trousers are still common but what makes them different from past is their design and innovative style.

Street wear look is used to describe the street lifestyle and urban themes. From the past few years vintage clothing also gains popularity. There are rare so people are also willing to pay more prices for these clothes. Due to increase in popularity of vintage clothing, fake vintage clothing also gaining its market. It is great cheap option for those people who can’t purchase these expensive vintage clothes.

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