Friday, February 20, 2009

Silk Fabrics: Precautions Taken While Washing The Clothes

silk clothesSilk is generally used for making various types of fabrics and clothes. Everybody loves to wear the clothes made up of silk. It not only provides comfort but also the great luxurious feel. It is not always necessary to dry cleaned the cloth to save its quality and textures, but by taking some preventive measures and care for these items you can ensure the quality of silk product for the longer period of time.

Silk fabric need great care so don’t use product such as bleach and harsh detergents can diminish the quality of silk fabric. Bleach generally takes out the color of fabric and harsh detergents may actually cause the fiber thin and results in rips and holes in silk clothes. If the garment made of silk become dirty, then the best way to wash it is to simply soak the clothes in cool water. The best way to clean a silk cloth is to simply wash the cloth with hand using mild detergent. Try to always wash your silk cloth with your hand as hand washing prevents your cloth from hard tumbling. However if you want to use washing machine then in that case, use lingerie bag to protect your garments.

There are various types of products that are now available in the market which ensure long wear life of silk garments. One important thing which you kept in mind is that never used dryer to dry your silk products. You can also use mild non-alkaline soap to clean silk fabrics.


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